Our next-gen AirPrime® smart portfolio for building the Internet of Things reinforces our commitment to:
  • Accelerate innovation through open technologies
  • Simplify development with integrated hardware, software, and service solutions
  • Future-proof designs with footprint compatible modules across 2G, 3G, 4G LTE

More than  any another hardware offering, the next-gen WP Series provides an integrated device-to-cloud architecture enabling IoT developers to build a Linux-based product using a single module that seamlessly sends valuable user and product data to the cloud.

New WP Series of AirPrime modules offer integrated device-to-cloud architecture enabling developers to get from prototype to production quickly.

New open interface standard for wireless and sensor technologies targets better IoT interoperability with adoption by industry leaders, including Freescale, Linear Technology, and Texas Instruments.

Beta release of Project mangOHTM, an open hardware, Arduino-compatible reference design accelerates innovation within the Internet of Things.

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The elements of our new smart portfolio include:
  • AirPrime® WP Series offering an application processor, GNSS receiver, and cellular modem with an optional ultra-low power mode that reduces power consumption by 200x opening up new use-case possibilities for cellular connectivity
  • Legato™ Linux-based platform integrated directly into the application processor of the WP modules providing an open-source application framework and  professionally maintained Linux distribution
  • Project mangOH™ open hardware reference design for the WP modules offering wireless, sensor, and cloud connectivity out-of-the-box to rapidly build prototypes
  • AirVantage® cloud and connectivity services providing device, application, and connectivity management as well as an IoT data platform securely integrated into the WP